About Us

Our Story!

HoodieFreaks was founded in 2016 with the objective of spreading "allover print" trend all around the world. We tend to provide our customers with different varieties of hoodies made with high quality materials. Every day we are trying our best to reach people with different taste and introduce them with this new vogue of clothing.

We believe that good design doesn't need to be expensive or cost an arm and a leg and hence we manufacture high quality apparels at affordable prices. Every day with your help and our dedication, this team is getting bigger and bigger.

Right now, we sell 2 kinds of hoodies: ZipUps and without zips

Zip Ups: These hoodies have zipper on them and prices range from $49+. They are made up of velvet inside and polyester outside. These hoodies are thicker than others.

No Zip Hoodies: As the name says, these hoodies are regular ones without zip. They are made of polyester and do not have velvet inside. They are priced $41+ USD

All of these three kind of hoodies are made up of high quality micro-fiber polyester. They do not shrink and neither lose their colors. You can see our customer reviews in our homepage.

Thank you for taking your time to read more about us. If you have any questions about any of our clothing or are interested in promoting our brand then feel free to contact us. Most of the time we are online. If not, you can also directly email us at support@hoodiefreaks.com